Sophomore Religion                           2019-2020

Mrs. Gavila                                         First Semester


During the first semester we will cover a brief history of Christianity.

We will study and discuss the following topics:

            How Christianity started and has survived for 2,000 years

            Who is Jesus Christ, important leaders and the key figures of Christianity

            What are the fundamental beliefs of Christianity

            How the Church took shape and the divisions that took place.

            Why were there so many Church Councils?

            Who were the holy people/ saints in the Church?

            The current Church and who is Pope Francis.


You will need a notebook, and a folder for class.  You will need access to a Bible for some homework assignments.


Your grade will be given at the end of the quarter and again at the end of the semester after

the midterm exam.

However, you may see your grade on Home Logic as the semester progresses.  Your grade will

be based on the total points accumulated from test grades, class and homework assignment

and class participation.  During the Religion cycle you will be tested on the material covered

during the seven-day cycle and you will be expected to complete and hand-in class and

homework assignments by Day 7.


A syllabus of the first semester:

                        The Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus


                        Pentecost and development of early Church

                        St. Peter and St. Paul, the persecution of Christians


                        The Council of Nicaea, the Creed, St. Augustine


                        Divisions: The Eastern Schism and the Protestant Reformation


                        Counter Reformation, Various important councils,

                        the Church in the New World


                        Vatican Councils I and II and the current ‘church


Midterm Exam: 1/16-17/2020


Please note that class teaching is based on the teaching of the Catholic Church.

However, we respect all faiths and beliefs in this class.  All students

must be respectful of each other’s opinions and beliefs at all times.