Art Samples
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"Honeywood Lodge in Stowe, Vermont"


"Nerezine on the Island of Otok Losinj, Croatia"


"Number 21 TRGM Tita, Nerezine"


"View from Lucica, Nerezine"


"The Walls of Nerezine"


"Bardo (Nerezine)"


"Piazza in Nerezine"


"The California Lighthouse in Aruba"


"Beach Chair in Aruba"


"The Paddock in Aruba"


"The White House"


"Meson Serranito in Seville"


"Santiago de Compostela in Spain"


"Una Mujer en Paseo Dos Letras Galegas"


""Mars II", Page 2"

""Mars II", Page 3"



"Sunday Comics"


"ME Conflict"