Custom Graphics/Cards/Cartoons

The Custom Cards Service of Crossover Comics includes artistic renditions of portraits.  Hand-rendered graphic files can be used for business cards, websites, and personal branding of communications.  The portraits shown below are generally representative of the final product.  Just email your photo to robert@gavila with instructions.  Prices are negotiable depending on dimensions.  Payment through PayPal (to

The Custom Cards Service of Crossover Comics can also be tailored for corporate events that require custom creative work to communicate specific concepts to a targeted audience.  Each solution is unique.

Step 1 Consultation

Robert Gavila will be happy to speak to you about your specific needs. After the particulars of your special event are discussed, we will generate ideas while we look to arrive at consensus for continuing the project beyond the initial creative stage.

Step 2 Design solutions

Concepts are generated and roughed out for your consideration. We can deliver these ideas by email or post them in a secured section of our own web site for your convenience.

Step 3 Phased product execution

After an idea is chosen for further development, step by step execution is delivered to you, or posted on our web site, so that you can see your project come to life. During this phase, enhancements can be suggested to fine tune your particular corporate cartoon or card.

Step 4 Finished quantities produced, one or thousands!

The finished product can be one unique card in any quantities, or perhaps just a cartoon for a specific corporate communications need. Call Robert Gavila at (718) 956-1991 and arrange an appointment for discussing that special graphic/card/cartoon that can get your message to your own internal or external customers.

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