Drawing of Bardo in Nerezine (Croatia)

The story about these ancient ruins close to the top of Mount Ossero in Nerezine goes something like this:  During the mid-1400s, three families came to this uninhabited island.  They built their homes very high up because they wanted to see pirates approach in their ships.  Supposedly, most of the current day inhabitants are direct descendants of these three families.   However, one must not fear the genetic perils of excessive inbreeding because these people were all workers of the sea.  (Young boys would dream of the day their piloted their own ships much like current kids look longingly at hot cars.)  So, many opportunities existed for these men of the sea to travel across the Adriatic to Italy or north to Trieste (whatever county it was considered a part of at the time) and bring home a new member to this community.

This historic treasure is abandoned now, alone in its never ending vigil for pirates on the distant horizon.  It's well worth a vigorous climb up Mount Ossero.   The route is not hazardous, but don't expect to find any more than an occasional goat near the obscured path to give you directions.   Somebody in the piazza will tell you how to get up there if you ask, I'm sure.

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