The Honeywood Lodge in Stove, Vermont

What would an American city look like if it had none of the multinational fast food establishments or hotel chains that homogenize our national landscape?  Answer:  Stowe, Vermont.  And what's our favorite place to stay when we pack up the whole family to visit this picturesque city?  Answer:  the Honeywood Lodge!

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This is a drawing of the Franklin stove in the suite we rented at the Honeywood Lodge.  Our rooms (number 7 and 8) had beautiful, high A-shaped wood beam ceilings, iron-wrought canopy beds, and wonderful rustic furniture.  Beautiful mountains lay behind the towering pines that surround the Honeywood Lodge.  The location is excellent, close to Mansfield Mountain and many of the great year-round recreational activities that have kept us busy on our two visits over the past two years.  Carolyn and Bill Cook (assisted by their sons Trevor and Brent) run a charming and hospitable gem of a place.  Both times we stayed here, a breakfast, served between 8:30 and 9:30 AM, was included with the price, and featured three or four surprise choices from Carolyn's kitchen.  If you're visiting Stowe, you can't go wrong with the Honeywood.  

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