Drawing of House in Nerezine (Croatia)
Sitting under a shady tree in the piazza in Nerezine, I looked up and attempted to capture my impression of a section of this typical home.

This drawing and the next five were made during our family visit to Nerezine in the summer of 2003.   Most likely, you've never heard of Nerezine.  And that is just fine with the regular vacationers that travel to this region each year.  The Slovenian, German, Italian and Greek people on holiday hope you never find out about the incredible pristine natural resources that the islands off the Croatian coast possess.  Yes, these lucky visitors are so happy that it takes a little too much extra effort for those Americans to get here.  "Let those lazy Americanas go to Aruba.  Sorry, no Holiday Inn here, buddy.  Ha ha ha!"

So, are you going to let them get away with that?

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