The Paddock--a seaside restaurant in Aruba

This is a harbor restaurant in Aruba, called "Eet Cafe" or "The Paddock."   I wrote both names down on the sketch because I wasn't sure of the name.   It's across the road from that big shopping mall ("The Royale Mall," or something like that) in town.  I didn't find any bargains at the mall.  The prices on the Monte Blanc pens were in line with Fifth Avenue in New York, for whatever that's worth.  I heard a similar opinion from other visitors.   I did get some nice sandals from one of the local craftsmen who line the street just down from The Paddock.  

The wind in Aruba is incessant and warm.   I didn't find a lot of cultural or historical attractions in Aruba.   There were a bunch of unusual rock formations people would go to see, but I skipped that.  The beaches are great.  I'll say that much.   Great beaches.  The motorized water sports were absolutely annoying.   You go to a paradise island, and what do you hear?  WWWHHHHHIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRR.   

All the alcoholic drinks were so diluted at the place I stayed that it became a joke after a while.  It seemed like anybody who stayed at the Holiday Inn more than one day would eventually go shopping down the road a bit to pick up some vodka or rum to take back to the hotel so they could make a real drink.   Oh, and don't think you can go to Aruba and call home too often.   For some inexplicable reason, the hotel and the island government load unbelievably high charges on all long distance calls.  So, if you want to disappear to an island with a warm wind and great beaches, this is the place for you.  

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