This one page of code generated the eZ Photo Services web page!
include "../../php/includes/EZXFoundationPHP.php";

    $_Title = "EZ Photo Services";
    $_UserName = " ";
    $_MenuName = "eZPhotoServices";
    $_LogoTitle = "<IMG src=\"EZPhotoServicesBanner.jpg\" width=\"900\" height=\"87\" border=\"0\" >";
    $_Subtitle = "EZ Photo Services Main Menu";
    $_TopNavigationLinks[0] ="";
    $_SideNavigationLinks[0] ="";
    $_BottomNavigationLinks[0] ="";

    EZXScreenHeading($_Title, $_UserName, $_MenuName, $_LogoTitle, $_Subtitle)
      or exit ();
        or exit ();
        or exit ();
        or exit ();

     print ("<BR>\n");
     print ("<CENTER>\n");
     print ("EZ Photo Services<BR>\n");
     print ("<BR>\n<BR>\n");
     print ("We are proud to present our premier EZ Photo Special Event Coverage Service <BR>\n<BR>\n");
     print ("For our first event, we are especially proud to have been invited to Old Bridge High School,<BR>\n<BR>\n");
     print ("in New Jersey, on March 24, 2006 to cover their extraordinary performance of "The Wiz".<BR>\n<BR>\n");
     print ("Click <a href=\"Photos/indexPhotos.php\">here</a> to take a journey over the rainbow<BR>\n<BR>\n");
     print ("to a colorful land, expertly captured by our staff.<BR>\n<BR>\n");
     print ("Please do not hesitate to call us at (718) 956-1991 for more information<BR>\n<BR>\n");
     print ("</CENTER>\n");

        or exit ();
         or exit ();
         or exit ();
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