Daniel Zorovich

presented by Robert Gavila

"A Broken Heart" copyright 2010 by Robert Gavila

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During the Spring of 2010, I was inspired to write a song for my nephew, Daniel Zorovich.  Inspiration comes easy when I know I'm writing for one of best talents I've seen in recent years.  Sure, Daniel is my nephew.  But I'm talking about a young man who, from high school, worked the stage in countless theater productions.  Daniel is certainly no stranger to the stage or the recording studio.  His work with Ron Sharpe, the legendary Broadway actor and producer (who is also Daniel's vocal coach) gave Daniel experience in productions from New York to Florida.  When I called Daniel and told him I had a song for him, he didn't brush me off as that old uncle who used to play guitar, so long ago that most people think I'm out of the game.  No, Daniel said, "Great!  Let's do it!"  And here it is, presented as a pre-final mix for everybody to enjoy.  It was a pleasure to work with Daniel on this project.  Now, I just have to see if I can get him to lend me his Stratocaster.

Robert Gavila
April 15, 2011

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